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Mosaic panels  for
Joncia Gardens
Logan Reserve Queensland
A non denominational Chapel for weddings & naming ceremonies

3 x Panel interior window designed by customer
Simple clean lines, white flowers on white walls gives it a classic feeling.



The request:-
A window with ship, eagle, rainbow and a flash of light.........

Not the easiest picture to compose in glass.

The eagle represented her son - on his first day home from hospital he was taken for a look at the family property, mum and new born stumbled across an eagle sitting in the middle of a 4 wheel drive track and for all intents and purposes was chatting to a cow. Both cow and eagle looked at them and turned away, had a final word. The eagle took off but before he disappeared completed a slow swoop over their heads, the cow turned and wandered off to greener pastures.

Her daughter on her first day home, taken for the same walk had the sky light up with a rainbow.

I didn't ask about the ship and flash of light, but no doubt they have their own symbolic  meanings.

A leadlight interpretation of Mt Olympus and the home of Greek Gods in Cypress, goats, grapes and a hand painted fused map were part of the design

This window was 5.4 x .9m, the panels were built .9 x.9 and stacked in 3's wihin two cedar frames, the original
conception, design and drawing came from a magnolia tree outside.
Half a dozen petals were traced then flipped, enlarged and reduced for the final plan.
The result easy on
the eye with lots of class.


A 1.2 x1.2 circular abstract - reinforced lead used throughout -located at the head of a board room table.

The light and dark blue Iris hexagon was placed inside a non opening stairwell window.

Hand painted &  fused Pub Leadlight commissioned for a Hotel in  Erina,  NSW.  Above a drawing of the Sophia Jane the first  paddle steamer/sail ship in Australia transported passenger, farm and general goods between Sydney and Newcastle  from 1831



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Panels that hang infront of windows.
(the big plus with this type of leadlight is if you move it goes with you)
All the following designs have been taken from Leadlight design books, some of them have been modified to suit particular circumstances but the inspiration has come from other stained glass artists plans & drawings



Chinese Dragon





More traditional Flowers & Fruit
Iris, rose and more to come





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Classes & Workshops
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Hand painted Tiles
Fauna, Flora, Fish & Frogs
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