Sunlight Studio Australia

Leadlight Workshops & Classes. Tiffany Shades & Bases.
Design & make Leadlight Windows & Panels
specializing in Australian Birds, Fish, Flora & Fauna

The Shop

106 George Street
Beenleigh. 4207
38041396 or 0402307819

You could easily drive past without even noticing and it was recently journalized as a 'deceptively sleepy looking store'......aint that the truth.
It's certainly not all stained glass. We have endeavored to tie the glass in with all sorts of bright, colorful, nice smelling sort of things.
The shop has been located in Beenleigh for 11 years, the studio is attached via a courtyard to the shop proper. Note the gallery and garden are open by an appointment only. Both the courtyard and the shop has a distinctly magical feeling, rainforest sounds in fountain, gulls in moving pictures, the slap of a small wave, a wolf howling, triffid like fiber optic plants, dogs barking, witches cackling not to mention dozens of beautiful tiffany lights and panels. If you intend to visit on a special trip please ring first to confirm we are open and haven’t disappeared in a puff of smoke. The glass range is reasonably extensive, we carry about three hundred handy sheet size colors, most of the tools and chemistry in the following pages but there has been times when we have been known to run out, again it's advisable to ring first. Our library of books for referencing is also quite extensive and can some times be quite inspirational.