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specialising in Australian Birds, Fish, Frogs, Flora & Fauna
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Medieval, Mystical & Gothic Goodies

The Following Apps/Tiles Link to the
Mystical & Medieval, Gothic & Gargoyles
Cherubs, Angels, Dragons & Fibre Optic Flowers
Not to mention a few videos that will make you

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I guess I read too many science fiction & fantasy stories when I was younger, the following pages have items that I think border on fantastic, whether it be Canvass Art, Painting, Air Brush, Design or Sculpture - the artists that have produced them work in a world of imagination I can only dream of .

I love working with glass and as you might of seen from previous pages
 'Australian Flora & Fauna'
is certainly one I sit comfortably with but like the artisans & artists above we only have so much time to make a living.
Fantasy, medieval art, dragons & dungeons intermingled with today’s technologies have played an important part of how my imagination for the arts has developed. The following pages recognize artist in my opinion of great talent & imagination, commercial production companies that have tickled my fancy and finally the artists and artisans of yesteryear, I say humbly, we all follow in their footsteps we just have more to work with.
Witches, Wizards, Unicorns, Dragons, Gargoyles, Cherubs, Fairies, Goblins & Gnomes all play a part in our history & came out of someone's imagination
....... they did not just come out of thin air.
........ Or did they :-)

I make no excuse for having a line reading "Page Under Construction' ......I am a one man show, taking classes, designing, producing custom jobs, taking photographs, producing the web site not to mention looking after & feeding three kids with wagging tails & 4 legs.
If you are like me and enjoy the world of fantasy just click on the page location, add to your favourites and pop back in now & again to see what's been added - mike

Click Here for
Mystical & Mediaeval- Scrolls & Complete Wall coverings
©Anne Stokes

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Fairies & Unicorns
Fairies, Faeries & Unicorns
Lights, wind chimes fibre optic flowers
& pretty things

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Gothic Lights & Lanterns

Page Started but still Under Construction


Gargoyles & Dragons  

Page Started but still Under Construction


Cherubs & Angels

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Mystic Tiles
Anne Stokes

Laughing, cackling, arms swinging, bobbing, dancing, eyes flashing, swaying, kicking legs & stirring
They are all here or they will be arriving shortly



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Witch Videos

Page Started but still Under Construction




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Hand painted Tiles
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