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Design & make Leadlight Windows & Panels -
Leadlight Workshops & Classes.
Tiffany Lights & Bases - Art Deco Figurines & Shades
Hand Painted Ceramic Tiles 
specialising in Australian Birds, Fish, Frogs, Flora & Fauna
email - The  best of G & G Table, Floor & Ceiling Lamps & Lights


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Page under construction.......much more to come
Unusual Bar Nick Knacks, Talking Points & Items of Interest.

Polar Bear Wine & Bottle Holders
Polar Bear Waiters & Serving Plates


Standing Polar
Bear mini table


Standing Polar
Bear Waiter


Polar Bear
Wine Bottle Holder

on back




Flying Things



Boating Things


Ceiling & Bar Lights to set a Cosy Scene 
All the following shades can be hung low over a bar to light up the work area without getting in the way and have a full colour front on view, they can be supplied with bases and stood at the side of the work area just for atmosphere and finally they can be hung upside down closely fitted to the ceiling for that special setting and become a total mood light. They all use low energy large screw in globes giving that warm welcome feeling instead of the more traditional inset LED down light and in a many cases can match a theme or decor.

Light Blue Lily pond
Shade 30x

Dark Blue lily Pond

Tiffany Shade
Celtic Green








Nook and Cranny Lamps

Bar Phono Light

Polyresin Chihuahua


Light Emitting Diode Bar Hardware

Page under construction (so what's new)
LED's, wind chimes for kids, ice buckets for atmosphere, turntables for the mystical, dance lights, flashing lights, water fountains with rainforest backgrounds, outside leadlight my favourite page.
We are happy to combine shipping in order to save you money.
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Wine Bottle
Ice Bucket
AA Batteries

Ice Bucket
Changes Colours
Blue 2 red 2 green

 Hold on any colour
Great atmospheric feeling
Runs on
3 AA batteries


Bar Tiles & Cheese Platters

Bar Tiles that can be used for nibbles or display


Tiger Head
Poly Resin
xx x xxcm

Bar Trophies
the Wild

Deer & fawn
xx x xx
Poly Resin
on Wood Base


Beer mugs with a Difference


Wine glasses with a Difference


2 x Black Glass
Silver Crested
Dragon Motifs


Wine Bottle Cradles & Holders

Grim Reaper
Bottle Holder
29cm (Poly)




Smiles & Dreadlocks
Bottle Holder


Bottle Holder


Dragon One
Bottle Holder



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Classes & Workshops
Close to Brisbane, Logan
& the Gold Coast


Hand painted Tiles
Fauna, Flora, Fish & Frogs
Birds & Butterflies