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One little corner of the 'Hand Painted Lamp Room,' see samples below or click here to go there and see many more 'pairpoint style' shades.

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New to Sunlight Studio Australia - 

many of the following are unique and one offs, if there is not a PayPal button under the image then that item has been sold  :-(
in all probabilities I will not be able to source or replace it.
Enquire first for availability, freight  and the optional (in some cases) insurance.
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3 new lamps  for Sunlight Studio Australia -
see more on the 'Nook & Cranny' Page

Lady walking dog with
Tiffany green fan like shade
42(w) x 55cm

Frog under Tiffany
green fan shade
42(w) x 53cm

The Bouquet
Unique to Sunlight Studio
(to be advised)
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Iris Table Lamp
41(w) x 71(h)
(To be advised)
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Modified Sahara
with Cream Shade
TL-20577 /S Shade
50(w) x65(h)
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Detail of base

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table lamps.

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50(w) x 65(h)

The followig 3 lights are just part of a collection to be added to 'Hand painted lamp page'
The painters are highly skilled & trained in this artistic work.The tricky thing is painting the foreground before the background because the art is painted on the inside of the shade.
The paint is kiln fired to stabilise the art  giving it a 3 dimensional look.


TL-HP B006/L325


Galie style lamps, originally designed and made by French artist Emile Galie (1846-1904) The designs are hand carved and acid etched to give a 3 dimensional effect.They are sort after by collectors, no these are not originals but are still made by skilled craftsmen that are artists in their own right. Very limited supply and I really don't want to sell them. :-(  
Because of the very limited stock availability rather than start a new page I have incorporated them with  Mica lamps  - another style that adds ambience and a warm glow that make collectors eyes sparkle.
To see moe galie and Mica lamps click here.

Small Galie table lamp
18 x 30cm
$280.00 +P&P
Click for Mica & Galie lamps

Medium galie lamp
Click for Mica & Galie lamps 

TL - Mica 1
XX(h) x XX(w)
$245.00 +P&P
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New wall lights to sunlight studio

Pink & Lavender
Ribbed Wall lamp
30cm (w)
(For more Tiffany wall lights click here)

Stylised pink floral
with jewel
35cm (w)

Candy green & irridised ripple glass Deco style

Just 3 of the new dragonfly lamps available
Click here for more

Tiffany style dragonfly
Orange/red shade with
light up base
Unique to Sunlight Studio
44(h) x  47cm
For more dragonfly lights 
click here

Unbelievable colour with Large Bronze base.
Shade 51(w) x 29cm
Shade ONLY = $385.00(one only)

Blue/Purple 10" shade

Three new Art Deco lamps - click for the Art deco page

TL-6Z/BK 355
Deco Dancer
with Tiffany red tulip
light back plate


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