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New to Sunlight Studio Australia - 

many of the following are unique and one offs, if there is not a PayPal button under the image then that item has been sold  :-(
in all probabilities I will not be able to source or replace it.
Enquire first for availability, freight  and the optional (in some cases) insurance.
[email protected]
04023 07 819

Art Deco
Women with Peacocks
Limited Addition
ONE Only
(to be advised)

Frog - bronze finish
with green Tiffany fan umbrella
45 x 40cm
(to e advised)

Fantasia with Tulip Shade
Unique to Sunlight Studio
(to be advised)
For More Table Light
Click Here

Tiffany style dragonfly orange shade & base
Unique to Sunlight Studio 
XX(h) x  XX(w)cm
Over 100 hours of work
For more dragonfly lights 
click here

Iris Table Lamp
41(w) x 71(h)
(To be advised)
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TL-20577 /S Shade
Sahara with Cream Shade
50(w) x 70(h)
$380.00+P&P (To be advised)
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50(w) x 65(h)

Galie style lamps, originally designed and made by French artist Emile Galie (1846-1904) The designs are hand carved and acid etched to give a 3 dimensional effect.They are sort after by collectors, no these are not originals but are still made by skilled craftsmen that are artists in their own right. Very limited supply and I really don't want to sell them. :-(  
Because of the very limited stock availability rather than start a new page I have incorporated them with  Mica lamps  - another style that adds ambience and a warm glow that make collectors eyes sparkle.
To see moe galie and Mica lamps click here.

Small Galie table lamp
18 x 30cm
$280.00 +P&P
(to be advised)
Click for Mica & Galie lamps


TL - Mica 1
XX(h) x XX(w)
$245.00 +P&P
(to be advised)
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on freight charges
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Hand painted Tiles
Fauna, Flora, Fish & Frogs
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