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Finished commissions and commissions I really liked - immediately below, the first three windows I ever made (some 30+ years ago,) not the best soldering or lead choice and certainly not the best of glass choice, maybe a little rough round the edges but I still think not a bad effort
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PS -
Australian birds have a lot to answer for.

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Drawings of Australian Flora & Fauna
Stained Glass & Leadlight.
For those of you who are into leadlight and are looking for inspiration for drawings of birds, frogs & plants check out these hand painted tile pages, it never ceases to amaze me how beautiful our wild life is and it's not such a hard job, with just a little imagination to translate your own ideas from a wild life picture to the drawing board for leadlight. Albeit you lose some of the detail but selection of glass can often overcome the finer points of a painting with a brush.

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                        Australian Flora & Fauna


7 Panel The Kookaburra Family
Customers inspiration  - central panel from favourite painting

Frill Necked Lizard, 2 Cranky lorikeet's & 3 Inquisitive Kookaburras looking on.


Two panels installed at Mt Tamborine.
Mt Tamborine in itself was the inspiration.
Each window 2m x .8m


Installed Mt Tamborine
Great house, and even if I'm biased, great windows.
Rosellas, kingfisher and nesting all over the property
one of many Bower birds.


A little fantasy went into this one,
a fairy path of flowers winding through
magic mushrooms, dragonflies, a blue lake
and waterfall set the background.
The client produced the mosaic bench top
which I think sets off the window beautifully

For A Nondenominational Chapel in Logan
6 Windows and one huge Mosaic










Dolphin and underwater World in Glass
window panels nearly 3m x1.5.
Frame & Glass fitted on the inside of a plate glass window
Hope Island, QLD.

Internal window.
rainforst undergrowth,
open bush  background
200 x 45cm 



Bathroom Window 1


Bathroom Window 2


for a couple of breeders
The above are Lutino Rosellas
For those that have never seen them
are actually yellow, white & red



A 2 metre tall


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